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Buy Safes & Lockboxes in Chilliwack

We keep items of significant value in our homes; so, in order to protect your belongings, it is advisable to buy safes or vaults from Chilliwack’s own Valley Cycle Locksmiths Ltd. Coming in a wide variety of styles, with broad diversity of features, these helpful items make sure that your items are safe in all situations. Whether you are storing heirlooms or important documents like Land Titles paperwork or Living Wills, it is critical to take measures to keep these items safe.

When Safes & Vaults Help

While many think of safes as useful primarily during a break-in, these products are useful in many more situations such as:

  • Fire: many safes are fire and heat resistant, protecting your items against everything, including flames
  • Flood: waterproof lockboxes mean that, even if a pipe bursts, your paperwork will stay intact
  • Natural disaster: from tornadoes to earthquakes, safes are made to withstand even the harshest conditions
  • Organization: keep important items well-sorted by establishing a properly organized safe
  • Weapons management: many safes are designed specifically for firearms and let you store your items in a legally sound and ultimately safe manner
  • …and more 

Types of Safes & Vaults

Given how useful these items are, there are countless makes and models to accommodate all needs. Valley Cycle Locksmiths Ltd. supplies only industry-leading brands, offering you quality you can trust. Amongst the many styles, those best suited for residential customers are:

  • Fire and heat resistant
  • Theft prevention safes
  • Home safes and lockboxes
  • Wall safes
  • Floor safes
  • Gun safes
  • Heirloom lockboxes

Commercial customers generally have different requirements of their lockboxes, with ideally-fitting options including:

  • Office safes
  • Hotel/Motel safes
  • Vault models
  • File-storage styles
  • Deposit safes

There is never a better time than the present to take the necessary steps to protect your belongings. To get assistance finding the ideal safe for your individual needs, contact Valley Cycle Locksmith Ltd. – we are happy to help.

Keep Your Belongings Secure

Select from a wide range of safes and lockboxes to find the perfect item.

Only Place I Refer My Customers

“The only place I refer my customers to get their locks changed. They even came same day.” – Clean Evolve Cleaning Services

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