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High Security Deadbolts & Hardware

Security hardware is rapidly evolving to include digital solutions; however, even with a high-end magnetic solution, the value of the classic deadbolt remains steadfast. A physical barrier between your property and potential intruders, these critical safety features behave as more than a deterrent, they actively prevent access to those without a key.

Top-Quality Brands

Mul-T-Lock leads the security industry with its high-grade materials and incredible functionality. Designed to be used on both residential and commercial doors, these locks have come to be a popular solution amongst locksmith professionals. With rings and cylinders made of high-grade brass, the bolt and strike formed of steel, and pins made of a nickel, silver, and stainless steel composite, all parts of this lock hardware are designed to withstand both physical and environmental stress.

Diverse Selection

Coming in many different styles, there are options to suit all door styles. These include:

Standard faceplate options

Beveled doors drive-in choices

Double & single cylinders

‘Captive key’ deadbolt style

To learn more about the helpful features associated with these formats, contact us and we will help you find out which product is right for your needs.

How Mul-T-Locks Work

Using a right angle rotation from the key, the bolt is activated one inch towards the frame, thus interlocking the pair of bearings with the steel strike. This means that, even when the lock is being strained, it remains resistant. If you have specific lock needs, just call Valley Cycle Locksmiths Ltd. and we will contour the hardware to your exact requirements.

The ever-popular deadbolt is a time-tested security solution that never goes out of style. Whether you are dealing with a new construction project or are looking to upgrade the safety of your home, we can help. Stop by our Chilliwack storefront today!

Heavy-Duty Security Solutions

Top-of-the-line hardware keeps your property safe and secure.

Only Place I Refer My Customers

“The only place I refer my customers to get their locks changed. They even came same day.” – Clean Evolve Cleaning Services

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