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Specialized Key Fob Programming in Chilliwack

It’s no secret that the best way to keep your car and its contents safe is to lock the doors. But what happens if you lose your keys? Or if the lock itself freezes? What about when your key fob itself gets damaged? This is precisely why we offer key fob programming to our Chilliwack customers. Using this modern amenity, we manage lockouts without forgoing the security features of current vehicles.

Comprehensive Services

Handling all types of automotive lock situations, we offer a wide range of services to account for all situations. These include:

  • New OEM fobs: working with original equipment manufactured fobs, we ensure you have access to all vehicles – even if they just left the car lot

  • Refurbished fobs: we make sure that, regardless of the initial registration, you can get into your car

  • KeyDIY services: assisting with remote access to vehicles, we offer cutting-edge solutions to automobile security

  • Add keys to cars: offering key-cutting services, we add as many vehicle keys as you desire

  • All keys lost: when all the keys to your vehicle are lost, we ensure you have entry to your car

  • Unlock your cars: if you have locked your keys inside the vehicle, fret not – we are here to help

  • Create/Add/Change keys: we can modify or generate new keys to match the model of your choosing

  • Replace car locks: when you need to replace the entire locking system, we can accommodate

  • Chip key & fob programming: our technicians can program your chipped keys or fobs to ensure you reliable vehicle access

  • Auto-lock recoding: a security feature that keeps track of any collisions or incidents, we can install and repair the unit to provide you with this high-value safety amenity

Trust our experienced locksmith professionals to keep your vehicle safe and provide your reliable access. If you are experiencing a lockout, don’t delay – call us right away!

Upgrade Your Car’s Safety

Modernize your security with our cutting-edge key fob programming solutions.

Only Place I Refer My Customers

“The only place I refer my customers to get their locks changed. They even came same day.” – Clean Evolve Cleaning Services

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