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Access Control Systems in Chilliwack

Offering top-of-the-line access control systems, scalable to any size of business, Valley Cycle Locksmiths Ltd. helps you both modernize your security and improve your business’ safety. These systems are highly affordable and can be personalized to match any level of security need. Suitable to companies of all sizes, if you have staff and cannot personally be on-site 24/7, these systems are sure to bring you peace of mind.

Modern Business Solutions

Proudly supporting Mul-T-Lock systems, our Chilliwack company offers you premium access control solutions for all business sizes. Whether you run an around-the-clock company, or are dealing with higher than normal turnover, access control can make all the difference to your business’ security. These highly-programmable systems use cutting-edge management software, meaning that, as your business grows, the system can evolve with it.

High-Value Systems

Customized to each individual building, this reprogrammable system uses wireless features without the need to change any pre-existing physical hardware. Since it is a wireless system, it functions inconspicuously, adding to its inherent security value. Dealing with a large staff? The user-friendly nature of these systems means that when it comes to lost key cards or forgotten codes, you won’t miss a beat. High turnover rates? With the simple click of a button you can add and revoke access for anyone on staff.

When it is time to take your business to the next level in terms of security, contact the experts at Valley Cycle Locksmiths Ltd. We can help you find the perfect setup for your business’ needs.

Control Who Enters Your Property

Access control systems allow you to choose who can get into your business.

Only Place I Refer My Customers

“The only place I refer my customers to get their locks changed. They even came same day.” – Clean Evolve Cleaning Services

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