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Modern Lock Solutions For Your Vehicle

Keeping to the spirit of the KeyDIY mission statement, we bring this useful technology to our customers to continue ‘making impossible possible’. Whether you are looking to retrofit a classic vehicle with an updated security system or are simply trying to ensure your vehicle is as current as possible, KeyDIY has the service to match your needs.

Smart Phones = Smart Security

Through the provision of Universal key fobs, designed to fit almost all of the cars on the road today, KeyDIYis the next step in both vehicular security and convenience. There are a wide variety of options available through this useful service, with the most popular including:

  • Key conversion: turn your regular car keys into flip keys, coupling analogue function with cutting-edge technology
  • Smartphone adaptation: convert your smartphone into your vehicle’s remote key fob, allowing you to unlock the automobile’s doors with the simple press of a button

Vehicular security is an important component of both your overall safety and that of your property. To keep current on modern safety advances, call us to discuss how we can enhance your car’s security features.

Safety For This Century

Benefit from modern security advances with KeyDIY technology.

Only Place I Refer My Customers

“The only place I refer my customers to get their locks changed. They even came same day.” – Clean Evolve Cleaning Services

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